Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - LAUNDRY ROOM & HALL

It's that time again! This week Kelly is hosting a tour of our laundry rooms. Mine is pretty small and simple, so I thought I'd include pictures of the hall, too.

The laundry room is so small it can be covered in 2 pictures. This is the view from the kitchen. The "organizer" on the wall is where I put all bills until it's time to pay them.

This is the view as you are walking in from the garage. I put anything that I need to return and/or take to someone on the dryer so that I won't forget it on the way out. (Except for the bleach, obviously. It's just there until I empty the one in the cabinet.) The blue "organizer" on this wall holds cards that I have picked out to send to people when I get the urge. The pink/brown bag is my lunch bag for school. I'm so happy to report that I won't be using that again until mid August!!


While there is not much to this either, it does hold 2 of favorite things. Here's the view from the living room. (Chloe thinks I was taking a picture of her. I really think she believes "it's all about her"!)

This frame holds pictures from a family trip to Colorado. We spent several days horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains. It was one of the best vacations ever!! I think the quote above it fits perfectly.

I love this! My sister, Tina, got it for me at Christmas last year. I love that you can see it from the living room, too!

Finally, this is a cut-out in the hall. It holds the "footprints" poem. What a great reminder that God is always with me! My dear friend, Kayla, got me this figurine. She's so thoughtful!

That's it for this week! On the schedule for next week is Master bedrooms!


Kelly Carter said...

I love the tree that Tina got you. It's perfect in your hallway!

Leslie said...

Love it, love it, love it!