Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 in '12 ~ Reflection #1

January can be summed up in one word:
I've attended an average of three games a week - more if you count weekends.  I've loved every minute of cheering on my nephews.

I've watched Chase start nearly every single freshman game.  I can't believe how he's growing as a player, becoming more confident and strong with every game.  Tonight, he scored 16 points!!  (The closest player to him had 6 points.)  God's got great things in store for Chase!

I've also enjoyed cheering on Garrett!  I can't believe the skills he's got mastered already!  He can really read the floor and make some amazing passes/assists.  Not to mention the fact that he's got one sweet shot!

Finally, there's Ethan - the point guard.  The little man who dribbles and handles the ball with such ease and grace and confidence!  ;)  While he's working on getting the ball inside, he's got the drive to the basket down cold!  

I love basketball and watching these guys is just icing on the cake!

**Jacob, I can't wait to watch you shine, too!!  I'm so excited that your season is getting ready to start!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Break - reconnecting w/ family

This year (or now I guess it's technically last year), Christmas Break was just one day short of being two weeks long.  Two weeks!!!  It was wonderful!  

School dismissed on a Wednesday.  Kelly and I decided to kick our time off with dinner and a movie at my house.  I had plans both Thursday and Friday, but was determined not to make any plans the next week.

Thursday, we met Hannah and Kenley for lunch.  I can't believe how quickly she's growing!!  She's such a good little girl.  She really loves Abby and tries to do everything just like her.  How sweet is that?
I felt lucky that I was able to snap this picture.  Right before this, they accidentally knocked the tree over!!
Friday, I spent the day shopping and running errands with Kayla!!  I'm so happy she's a teacher, too.  Now we can enjoy the breaks together!  After that I rushed over to meet the family to watch the new Chipmunks movie.
Saturday (Christmas Eve), Dad and I enjoyed a very brisk horseback ride.  It was pretty cold, low 30's, but so worth it!!

I'm so happy to say I kept my promise to myself.  After Christmas, I didn't plan anything all week long!!  Monday I stayed home, worked on my computer, and tried to get over a cold.  Tuesday I took down all things Christmas.  Wednesday I made some returns and then had a NERTs night at Tina's.  I'm pretty sure Tina was losing at this point, hence the look on her face.  :)
Check out these beauties!! We all have one!
And these beauties too, of course.
The "bigs" (Chase and Garrett) went to the Blue and Gold tournament, so the "littles" got together to play.
Thursday we went back to Tina's to watch "The Help" - such a great movie!  Then, Friday somehow I wound back up at Tina's to borrow her computer, but Chris ended up fixing mine instead.  They talked me into staying for another movie.

I LOVE my sisters and don't get to talk to them or see them nearly as much as I'd like throughout the school year.  In a way, it felt like this Christmas break was about reconnecting and sharing quality time with them.  I loved it!   

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pasta, Cupcakes, & Crepes - Oh My!

I just got home from a fabulous evening with an amazing gal!!  From the moment she texted the invite, I've been looking forward to this evening.  It was just what I needed.  Laughing, sharing, venting, listening, was all perfect.  
We started out at D'Arpino's.  Can't tell you how long it's has been since I've eaten there.  While it did not disappoint me, my dear friend didn't enjoy what she ordered, but they graciously brought her something new.  After a delicious dinner we drove ourselves to The Cup.  We closed the place down!  When we walked outside, we noticed the Aviary across the street.  Oh yes...we did...we went there too!  I was too stuffed, but did enjoy a bite of the goodness I've heard so many things about.  I will definitely be going back!  We closed that place down, too!!
Friend, I had so much fun!!  It's been such a blessing to share this journey that you are on with you.  I've loved watching you grow and change.  You've inspired and challenged me to do the same.  Thank you!!  Thank you for taking the risk and always being real and vulnerable.  You are so beautiful - inside and out!! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God's Protection

 Today I left school a little early to make a hair appointment.  I was in a hurry and told myself I didn't need to buckle up, that I'd be find no farther than I was going.  (Shame on me, I know!) I put the car in drive and pulled out of the parking space. I felt this urgency in heart telling me I needed to buckle up.  It was so strong, I  stopped the car and took the necessary 2 seconds to buckle up.  I went no farther than a quarter mile, stopped at the stop sign, and was hit by another car that was going too fast and smashed right into me as they were turning.  I saw it coming, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I pushed on the break and braced myself for the impact. 
I'm so thankful God wouldn't let me leave without buckling up.
I'm so thankful I wasn't hurt.
I'm so thankful there is nothing seriously wrong with my car - it's drivable and runs great.
I'm so thankful the police officer was so kind.
I'm so thankful the other driver was honest and that they had insurance.
I'm so thankful my dad and mom drove over to help any way they could and to make sure my car was safe enough to drive home.
I'm so thankful God took care of all of these details!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nearly one month later...Christmas 2011

 For me, Christmas always starts with Christmas Eve at Grana's!!
 Everyone loves and looks up to Grana.
 Grana's traditional Christmas program - full of faith, truth, and words of wisdom!  Here she is asking them how much Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas is talked about in school.
 This year, Christmas Day was on a Sunday.  I loved starting the day worshiping and honoring the only gift that really matters.  Tina, Tonya, me, and their families surprised Papa at his church.  It was fun!!  Afterwards, we headed over to Papa and Grandma's for lunch, just like we have every year.  (I love traditions!)
For the first time, this picture lets me see that Tina does look a little like Dad.
 We measured last year and he wasn't quite as tall as Matt.  This year he passed him!
 After lunch at Papa and Grandma's, we go home, recharge, and reload with presents to celebrate at Mom and Dad's.

Garrett's favorite team.
Abby loves hands-on activities, so Tinker toys seemed like a perfect choice. 
He's not afraid to let you know...he can dance!!
 Jacob has always loved Transformers.
 I could hardly wait for her to open this!  It arrived in October!!  Garrett did a great job of keeping the secret, too.
 Chase got a new chair.  He may never come out of his room now!
 Gotta love something to keep your purse organized!
 I LOVE my new gray purse!  It goes with absolutely everything!!
 A new light for her recently remodeled kitchen!
 An airsoft gun so he can play with the boys!
 Look what I found in my stocking!  Does my momma know me or what?
 Trying the weaponry...I believe Garrett was declared the winner!
 My family loves to play games!  We ended the day playing a new game Mom got.  While I'd love to share the hilarious, slightly embarrassing pictures that were taken during game play, I would not be happy if someone posted the ones of me, so I'm not going to post any of anyone else...for now.  :)

Abby played with her Tinker toys forever.  Look at this bird she built!  She's so creative!!!
 I'm so thankful for another holiday with a healthy, happy family!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to Blogging...hopefully

So, I thought I had this computer thing figured out.  Much to my dismay, I did not.  The latest version of Internet Explorer that my computer could run was #8.  This was not new enough for blogger.  Now I've downloaded Mozilla FireFox and am back in business, finally!!  (At least I think anyway...)  After downloading the new browser and updating some of my blog lists it was suddenly 11:00 p.m.  (Probably didn't help that I didn't start this until 9:30, but in my defensive I thought I had the problem fixed.)  So, my lists of new posts will have to wait until tomorrow Thursday Friday actually, I'm not sure when!  I've got church to attend (can't make it through the week without prayer meeting) and basketball games to see. Not to mention the fact that my weekly cleaning is not done.  Seriously, how did I do this when I blogged regularly?  I'm beginning to think I just didn't clean...

Monday, January 16, 2012

I was going to...but I didn't

I was going to blog about Thanksgiving...but I didn't.
I was going to blog about Christmas, about the year 2011, and about my hopes for 2011...but I couldn't.

That's right, I couldn't.  My computer crashed with a nasty little virus.  Thankfully my brother-in-law got me up and running again!  This makes the second time he's saved me from buying a new one.  My computer is ancient, like 10 years old ancient!!  I no longer have a virus, but Blogger has notified me that they no longer support my browser.  As I type, I'm working off a page that's literally half here just hoping this will post until I can download a new browser when I go to bed. 

To keep me accountable and to help me get back into the routine of blogging (because doing it takes a bit of discipline for me), I'm making a list of things I've wanted to blog about:
~ Christmas
~ Christmas Break
~ Office Makeover
~ Doorknob

I know there's more, but that's all I can think of tonight.