Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I LOVE the smell and comfort of a clean house!!  There's just something about it that refreshes and relaxes me at the same time.  Does that make sense?
But, the thing I dislike most about cleaning is mopping - yuck!  It hurts my back and makes me sweat.  I recently purchased something that helps with that, though.  I bought the Shark steam cleaner.  It's actually both a vacuum and a floor cleaner. 
I remembered Jen saying how much she loved hers and if anyone knows clean, it's that girl!  Well, it didn't disappoint.  It's SO easy  and gets the floor SO clean.  Can you see that shine in the picture above? 
I. Love. It.  The days of hating mopping are long gone!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Lovin'

After the past four days, I finally feel like summer (and all the fun that goes with it) has finally arrived!!

It started on Thursday when I made a trip to school to copy off the math stuff Kelly and I worked so hard on.  We have a few finishing touches, but no "brain power" will be needed.  (Yay!  Not sure how much is left anyway.)
Thank you, Sara, for letting me "bug" you and borrow your computer to do this!
Thursday I had my first, non-work related lunch date of the summer!  Kayla, I LOVED catching up with you and your parents.  It was so relaxing and just plain fun!!
After some shopping in Branson, I helped Mom and Dad set up their new iPad.  Too cool!!  They are going to love it!
Can you guess who I spent the day with Friday?
Kelly and I have made it a tradition to check out the magnificent houses on the Parade of Homes every June.  We have so much fun looking at new trends and walking through the amazing homes.  This year we toured one that was 10,000 square feet!  It felt more like a resort than a home!  We kicked off the day with a visit to a new restaurant, Farmer's Gastropub in downtown Springfield.  It serves fresh, local, organic food.  We really enjoyed it.  And, of course, since we were only a block away, we had to visit The Cup!
That evening I caught a few of Chase's basketball games.  I took him home and we enjoyed some quality time while watching "The Office".

Saturday started at 7:00 (to beat the heat).  I helped Dad wax Papa's truck and he helped me wax my car.  Thanks, Mom, for cleaning out the inside.  It looks brand new!!
Speaking of looking brand new, Papa thought we had traded his in and brought him a new one.  It looked completely different!
 I had to include this little, refreshing treat.  I'm loving Starbucks Green-Tea Frappuccino!
I wrapped up this summer lovin' weekend celebrating Father's Day!!  Words would fail me if I tried to describe how much I love, admire, and respect this man.  I just hope that I show him how much I love him every time I'm with him.  He still teaches me so much!
 Our tradition is to have a picnic and then play a lively game of whiffle ball, but the past few years it's been SO hot, we decided to wait and celebrate this evening.  We still had a picnic at a local park, complete with Mom's homemade fried chicken.
 No whiffle ball this year, but everyone enjoyed some Frisbee.
And who can turn down swinging??

 Or jumping out of them for that matter.
 We finished the evening with homemade ice cream and brownies at Tina's.
 I love that the little guys love getting together as much as we do!
 I'm absolutely loving summertime!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little work sandwiched between some fun!

 Ahhh, finally a day with temps in the 80's! I took advantage of it!

It was a beautiful day for a ride and since Dad is retired, we didn't have to wait until Saturday to do it!!
The best part about riding at Bar K is a Kay's sandwich!!!  They make them at Kay's convenience store in Chadwick.  They are made fresh and are piled high with goodness!!
When I got home I had a small window of time (an hour) to get the yard mowed.  I squeezed this into the day because I've heard the forecast and didn't want to waste this abnormally cooler day.

After a quick shower I headed to a meeting at school about next year's schedule.  Thankfully, there were no changes for me, yay!!

With all the work of the day done, I went to Sara's to check out her painting projects, then we headed to dinner and church.  Sara, thanks for going with me.  I loved spending some time with you and your precious boys!!

I'm thankful for days like today.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

161 documents later...

 and we are FINALLY finished!!
All that's left to do is print them (new daily morning work and weekly math assessments) out and write a few things in.  As good as it feels now, I know it will feel even better this fall!!

I knocked another thing off the list today when Mom came over tonight to help me clean out the garage and get it ready for next week's garage sale.  I'd be lost without you, Mom, seriously!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Out of It

When it comes to blogging I've been so out of it lately.  I just can't seem to find the rhythm.  I either get home too late (and am too tired) or I just can't seem to be able to put my thoughts into words or I have too much to blog about and feel completely overwhelmed.  What's the matter with me?  I've considered giving it up, but I really like knowing that I'm recording the "everyday" moments of life.  

I have so much to catch up on: Dad's retirement, Mother's Day, the end of school (Wow! What a year!), an update on an important decision, Memorial Day, baseball...the list goes on and on!

June has been a little too full of work for my liking - working out every morning at 6:30, rewriting Morning Work and Math Check-Ups with Kelly, attending workshops, and brushing up on the "professional reading" I never have time for during the school year.  I'm sure of one thing - when July gets here I'm putting all work related things aside and am going to enjoy  4 weeks of absolutely NO SCHOOL!!  

As for this week, I'm going to....
finish up Morning Work/Math Check-Up rewrites
clean out the garage
go on a horseback ride
attend a meeting at school
meet Sara for dinner and church
meet Kayla for lunch
mow the yard
check out some amazing homes on the Parade of Homes w/ Kelly 
and, as usual, catch several baseball games featuring my favorite All-Stars!

Hopefully I'll get around to posting about this list, too!