Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I've been reading this lately:
Loving it!  LOVING IT!!! I'm getting through it slowly because there is much to reflect on.  The only premise is the importance of being grateful and the joy that comes from doing so.  I've wanted to start a journal to list the 1,000+ things I'm thankful for.  I've waited because I wanted to finish the book first.  Ridiculous, right?  There's really no time like the present!!

a day spent in the sunshine, outside of the classroom with the students I love

family gatherings and a chance to learn from those with great (earned) wisdom

a mom who will take my little, lonely puppy home for a "play date"

a visit to a new baby and his precious Momma and getting to see all the love in this little family

nephews - especially one who will turn 14 tomorrow!

the ease of a good friend

the beginning of a beautiful friendship with a gal who gets me up at 5:00 to workout


Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Change in Perspective

It's been a very busy weekend!  Friday after school I headed to Springfield to pick up Abby's birthday gift and a little something for a dear friend getting ready to have her baby.  I snuck in one of Chase's basketball games and made it over to Papa and Grandma's to fix her printer.  Saturday I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine by spending the day outside - riding horses, mowing the yard, and watching Garrett play baseball.  That evening I squeezed in some shopping for Chase and Garrett as their birthday will be here before I know it.  Today I went to church, had lunch at Mom and Dad's, then came home to pay bills and do a little cleaning.
(Chloe likes to keep me company while I work.)
Since I was so motivated, I went ahead and "wrapped up" all the gifts I'd recently purchased.  Getting gifts ready means writing cards.  I'm a wordy girl and words of encouragement is one of my love languages, so naturally, that's what I do for others.  As I wrote out the cards for Abby, Chase, and Garrett I was so overcome with the love I have for them and the blessing that they are, I just wept.  Then, the sweet presence of Jesus just washed over me.  He showed me how "out of whack" my perspective has been lately.  I've been guilty of negativity, selfishness, discontent, and giving excuses for letting life live me.  It saddens me the way I let the ins and outs of daily life sweep me up and carry me away.

I was dreading this weekend and all it's busyness, but it turns out it's just what I needed.  It felt so good to take my mind off myself and think of others, to work outside and soak up some sun, and to push past being tired and LIVE!  I have SO, SO many things to be thankful for and have not spent nearly enough time being thankful for them or finding new reasons to be grateful.   

Life is good - how can be anything less when the King of all Kings pursues me and loves me enough to keep working on me?!?!