Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meanwhile back at the Ranch...

Chloe and I have been staying at Mom and Dad's this week while they are away playing in Tennessee.  (Every time I go out to feed Stormy it's like pouring salt in an open wound, I wanted to go so badly.  I'm thankful they're planning another closer trip this summer.)
While Chloe misses her front door and I miss the short drive to work everything, we are certainly enjoying some of the finer things in life. 

DVR (I'm making the right decision to not have this at home!  It's addicting.)

a water softner (Your skin feels so good when you get out of the shower!)

a big, front window (I love being able to see out.)

a tempur-pedic mattress (Ooh, a little piece of heaven)

the quiet of the country

a working ice maker :)

It's been a crazy week trying to finish school and getting into a routine here (after 4 days I've finally remembered to duck, to avoid hitting my head on a gate, OUCH!)  I'm so glad my parents were able to get away for some much needed R &R, and for a taste of retirement.  Don't get too attached though, Mom and Dad, I've missed you and am ready for you to come home!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friend or Foe?

     So, this is the dilemma.  Trying to decide if accepting this Facebook friend request is something I'm ready for.  I'm at war with myself on this one.  (What's new, right?)
     On one hand, if I did accept it, what can it really hurt?  I don't plan on communicating with him.  What can it hurt to accept and say, "Sure.  I'm in a good place.  I can just be your friend.  No harm done."  After all, what message would denying this request send?  I certainly don't want him to think I don't care. 
    On the other hand, do I really want need to have the ability to contact him?  Can I handle that?  Do I want to handle that?  Do I want him to know the details of my life?  Do I want to know the details of his?  Will I ever be ready for him to re-enter my life - just as friends.  Can you just be friends with someone you were forced to "get over" loving?  Not sure this is something this girl can handle.  Why does that make me feel like I'm stuck in yesterday?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Energizer Bunny - aka Mom

Not only is my mom preparing for vacation, packing and cooking, (She and Dad are spending the week horse back riding in the Smokey Mtns.  I can't believe I missed going by only 1 week!!) but she has also taken care of my dog, mowed my yard, and helped me pack up my classroom for summer.  She just doesn't stop!

She came to school tonight to just help me pack up my library.  However, much like the Energizer Bunny, once my mom gets started she doesn't stop!  Tonight we she packed up the library, tidied up the cabinets, rolled up my carpet, emptied a bookshelf, and reorganzied ALL my bulletin board supplies!!  We left school around 9:00!  She just kept saying, "What else?" or "Come on, it won't take that long."  I'm telling you, she's simply amazing! 

Thank you, Mom, for always being there for me, going out of your way to make sure I'm taken care of.    I don't know what I'd do without you!! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Wednesday night Chase was honored for being chosen student of the month and for academic excellence. 
Look at that handsome, young man!
Tonight he hung out with me to finish a big project for school.  Tina was at practices for the little boys, so Chase worked at my house.  He did his thing in the kitchen and I did my thing in the living room.  I was so proud of how hard he worked!  He was self motivated and didn't take any short cuts.    His finished project was something he was really proud of! 
This growing boy is a bottomless pit!  I haven't been to the store in, well, forever so I didn't have anything to offer him.  Tina had to bring him a poster board anyway, so he asked her to bring him some pizza rolls.  He ate ALL 40 of them!!  When I took him home around 9:30 he said he was starving.  Seriously, where does it all go?
It was a simple evening, but I definitely enjoyed the time spent with him!  He's such a good kid!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Silly dog!

Chloe and I fight over this:
Of an evening when I sit down to watch T.V. I always sit in the recliner.  On commericals I'll get up to do some work around the house.  As soon I get up, Chloe jumps up and claims the chair for herself.  When I come back to sit down, she rolls over and looks up at me like, "you wouldn't take this from me would you?"
Silly, dog!