Monday, January 14, 2013

One Little Word - 2012


I haven't really ever participated in finding "one little word" for the year before.  I had a hard time finding just the right one that I could stick with/work on the entire year.  After  December, this word was an easy one to choose for a couple of reasons.

1.  I always thought I knew how wonderful my Grana was and how many lives she touched on a daily basis, but I didn't really have a clue.  In her death we heard countless stories of how she impacted the lives of so many people.  It only feels right that we, or me in this case, carry on where she left off.  I want to find ways to encourage others, help carry their burdens and remind them of the way God loves them.  In doing this I can honor the legacy my Grana leaves behind.

2.  I have been on the receiving end of timely encouragement from such sweet friends.  Whether it was encouraging me in my quest to get healthy by working out or eating right or encouraging me in my job or comforting me in the loss of my Grana, I've been blessed to have many friends come beside me and speak life over me in the form of encouragement.  I know how much that meant and want to encourage others in the same way.

3.  The root word of encourage is COURAGE.  There are a few areas of my life right now where I'm having to fight being held captive by fear.  I'm calling that out!  I want to be fearless and live in the freedom of Christ Jesus in all areas of my life.

So, that's my word for 2012.  As always, may my quest bring glory to HIM!

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